October 13, 2013

Burlap Tin Cans

Who is ready for some Fall Fun??? I have been so busy with college that when I do find some time I use it to decorate for Fall! I love fall, I got married during fall and it's such a wonderful time of year. Most of my decorations are new because I moved since last year and this living room is a lot bigger than my last house. So trying to find the time to decorate hasn't been easy and I'm nowhere where I want to be, but I'm loving the new look what I have accomplished.
So let's get started on one of my DIY decor projects!

In a previous post I posted my DIY painted cans for decor (if you want to see that post you can see it here). These are the tin cans I made and filled them with flowers for some wall decor. Well because they are screwed in I can change them out for season decor!

 So here is my new fall decor look! I got new cans and covered them with burlap. I added a burlap flower to the front. I then added some fall flowers and I have a new fall look!

 Here's an close up shot!
Here's an idea of what it looks like above the t.v.
(this is Jared's our t.v. so if you see a lot of sports on the t.v. you know why)
I love the fact that I can change the decor above the t.v. without putting too much effort in. Every season I get a new look without new decor. It's so easy to change it out and it's easy on the pocket book!

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