October 21, 2013

Spooky Burlap Banner With Ghost

How I love to make seasonal banners and display them.
It's fun to see my customer's faces when they pick up their banners from the store and what can I say, I love to have banners at home too!
This year for my Halloween banner I thought it would be cute to have ghost and lights with it. I thought it added the perfect touch to my lite up ghost.
I'm lucky enough to be able to make my prints on burlap with permanent ink (you can see a past blog post here), I cut out the banners to my liking and hang them. I think banners can add a nice touch to many things...weddings, seasons, birthday parties, and they are so easy and you can really get creative with them especially when using fabric.
For the ghost I used plastic ornament balls, covered them with white fabric, hot glued eyes on them, and stuck the light through the hole of the ornament. 

Here's a picture where my banner hangs without lights...

Here it is with lights...I know the picture does this NO justice of how cute it looks at night with lights off.

Here's a closer look at my spooky banner with no lights...

and here it is with lights on.

Here is a closer look at the boo part of the banner with no lights...

and here it is with lights.
So what creative ideas have you come up with for your banners this year??? I'd love to hear...it keeps me thinking about what I can do for my next crafting project!

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  1. I love the lights! I think they really do a an extra pop to the banner! Those little DIT ghost are too cute. Giving you bloggy love from the link up!



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