May 28, 2013

DIY Flower Pots For An Angel

I have been so busy this week. I'm not sure if it's because the kids are home, or because my son was sick for a whole week, or because I know that I just need to get things done! Does anyone else take on too many projects at one time and then feel overwhelmed? My husband made sure to point that out yesterday. Maybe he was feeling neglected.....
 My older brother, myself (left side), my sister (right side) helping with the see that garden in the back my Mom grew, and that was only 1/4 of it 
 My little brother and my oldest daughter prepping for the garden 

Well today let's do something easy and fun outside...something for flowers! I love gardening, it reminds me of my Mom who passed away of cancer a few years ago so this is for her. I lived on a farm growing up and my Mom always had this huge garden full of everything, (I wish I had the green thumb like her). It's always great to look at my garden and think of my Mom and the kids love to hear me talk about her when we are planting things. I think it's a special and important to keep her memory alive especially for Zane who only knew her as a baby. Even though my oldest (Jaden) has a hard time with it (she was exspecially close to her) I know she loves to see the garden when everything starts to bloom.
Alright now that I am done reminiscing let me get back to the whole garden thing. I got this idea from pinterest click here. When I seen it I loved the idea of it and had this little corner spot on my patio and knew it would be perfect for that spot! It was a cheap way to add a little something to my patio and do it for someone special....

These are the items I used:
• 3 cinder blocks (didn't get a pic)
• 3 flat cinder blocks didn't get a pic)
• A 1 1/2 inch hole punch
• Painters tape (I used 2 different sizes)
• A can of spray paint

I decided on the designs I wanted. For the first one I did polka dots. I was going to hole punch each circle but it was sticking so I just folded the tape a few times and then punched it. It was way easier and faster. At times it was hard to pry the circles apart from each other but not to bad. I handed the circles over to to the kids and they put them on the blocks. I then spray painted over them. On the sides I just opened the tape that I cut the circle from and laid them down, covered any spots I didn't want painted. I like the front and back more so I have since spray painted the sides like the front and back.

Next I did stripes. I got my smaller tape, placed a strip across it. Then place another strip under it until I had 3 strips and then removed the middle one. Then I spray painted it. I didn't take an after pic so this will have to do. Of course the one I needed a pic of is in the back.

For the last one I did diagonal stripes. I place a big strip then a small strip until I reached the bottom. I then pulled up the big strip and spray painted. I'm not sure how they came out so neat and connected on the sides but it looked great so I was happy! Sometimes not trying is the best way to go.
Now time to set them in the corner. I spray painted a flat cinder block and then put it under each cinder block. I did that so it could how the soil for the plants. I stacked them and now I have something to put flowers in! It adds some color to my patio and who doesn't love flowers! For a bigger space you could use more blocks too.
Now I can plant my seeds although I think I'm going to run to the store and get some flowers that are already bloomed because I don't think I can wait to have pretty flowers in this awesome 'flower pot.'
I know I am horrible at explanations, pictures, step~by~step instructions, before and after shots, but I try. So if you have any questions feel free to ask. Hopefully I can get a picture up soon of the 'flower pot' with flowers in it soon!
In Loving Memory of Ellen Marie Scott~Lawrence
When God takes an Angel he picks the best!
 My Mom with 5 of her 8 grandkids :)

May 23, 2013

Old Frame Becomes Cute Decor

 Alright let's talk children's decor today! When it comes to decorating a child's room, let's just say children are easy to please, well mine is anyways. We are going to talk about a simple way to put some decor on your child's bedroom wall that they will enjoy!
(sorry for the poor lighting)
When we moved I had packed up some old picture frames that had broken glass. I couldn't find it in me to throw them away so I packed them up and brought them with us.
Last year we had bought Cameron a 'C' to put on her wall. At the time it was cute but as I went to go hang it up in her new room it was just so plain. I had seen plenty of pictures where there were letters in a frame. So a light bulb went off in my head..... use the picture frames. I was excited because they were just sitting in my office ready to be tossed because I was sick of them laying around.
So let's get started on a simple decor project that is simple and easy.

I still had the back to the picture frame so I simply laid some scrapbook paper over it and glued it to the cardboard.

As you can see I had to cut the paper a little different to make it fit right. In the picture below instead of having uneven paper I put ribbon on the top and bottom instead.
Here's what the back looks like.

I spray painted the frame and added a couple of flowers I had laying around.

I then added the 'C' and now here's a decoration that cost me nothing because I already had everything.

Cameron's best friend had a birthday so I made her one too!
She had seen Cameron's and loved it so it was perfect.
I already had everything except the 'K' so I bought one, spray painted it and put it together the same way. I liked how this one turned out much better with the ribbon!

Here's another look of it hanging on the wall

So simple and both the girls loved it. I do plan on changing up Cameron's (the first one) because I don't like the paper nor the flowers but it was what I had laying around. Plus I was just so excited to remove the frames that were in my way. 

As you can tell with the second one I put a little more decoration on it and I really like how it turned out. Do you like it? It's just a simple fun way to add a little touch to your child's room that they will enjoy.

May 20, 2013

Teachers Are Special!!!

It's that time of year again when the kids have their last week of school and you are going crazy trying to make it to each school for so many different things. For me I have 3 kids and 3 different schools. Talk about going crazy! At least I have been able to make it to each event because they haven't been on the same day but each day we have somewhere to be. Sound familiar to any of you? I can't wait until summer when the kids are home and have no place to be......then reality hits and the kids get sick of each other and are driving each other crazy. Then I grow some gray hairs and keep telling myself the kids will grow out of this and be best siblings forever! Wishful thinking.

O.K. now time for some end of school love for the teachers! This week is the last week for each of my kids. This year I put my little guy in preschool which was new to me. I want to have my kids in the house for as long as possible but Zane was ready to socialize and couldn't stand to be at home with his Mommy all day unlike my girls :(  But I knew it was best so he could burn off some of that energy boys have. Plus he was a big big Mommy's boy and I was afraid that the transition next year to Kindergarten would be to much for him. Being home 24-7 with Mommy to being at school 5 days a week might have been a little much. By doing this he was away for a couple hours a day and hopefully the transition next year will be easier. 
With school coming to an end I wanted Zane's teachers to feel special for all that they do! Teachers are something special...I would not have the patience for it and I commend them greatly for everything they do! So for Zane's teacher and teacher's aid Zane and I made a little something to thank them.
We made some flower pots!
Here's what they look like! 

 For his teacher...a decorated flower pot

Zane and his teacher on a flower with popsicle stick

A pinwheel flower with a popsicle stick

Scissor stickers on a flower with a popsicle stick

An apple stamp on a flower with popsicle stick

(left side) Thanks for helping me grow
(right side) a picture of the class on the flower pot with ribbon at the bottom

For his other teacher....a decorated flower pot

Zane and his teacher on a flower with a popsicle stick

A pinwheel flower on a popsicle stick

A glue sticker on a popsicle stick

An apple stamp on a flower with a popsicle stick

(left side) Thanks for helping me grow
(right side) a picture of the class on the flower pot with ribbon at the bottom

I hope Zane's teacher with love their gift!

Last week Zane's class had graduation so I was able to snap a picture of the whole class with their teacher's, (that's why I was able to snap a picture of Zane with his teachers above).
I decided that I didn't want to leave the kids out and I wanted the kids to have a picture of all of them together. Since they don't have class pictures I wanted them to be able to remember their preschool year together. Also I wanted to be able to give something to the parents who weren't able to make it to the graduation, so they could have a little memory of them. So I printed these up, glued the picture on, and put a little decoration on the edges of the picture. I made sure to put the school year on it.
Zane was excited to give these to his classmates, unfortunately he was sick today so I had to run them to the school myself in case some of the kids didn't come to school tomorrow, that's their last day. All the kids were so excited, I love big smiles :) And they were all concerned that Zane was sick :( How sweet of them!

 Here's what I put on the top of the page

This is what I put at the bottom of the page

It's enjoyable to make someones day! It is so rewarding. The gifts for the teacher's could be given at anytime. For a birthday, teacher appreciation day, at the end of school, or just because they are your children's teacher who are a big part of your child's life.

Because I already had everything except the pictures and the flower pots (which I got for a dollar at the dollar store) the price was about $3.00. A wonderful price for wonderful teacher's!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, and if you want to put a smile on the stressed out teacher's face....give them a little something special so they know it is all worth being a teacher and that is why they love their job!

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