October 7, 2013

Living Room Reveal

Wow! I can't believe that I haven't blogged in a month. I decided that I wanted to go to college and was a little overwhelmed. I decided that I needed to set my blog aside until I got the swing of things. I'm still adjusting and I probably won't have the time to be on here like I want to be, but I still want to blog and share what I have been up too when I can find the time.

So the last time I was on here I had planned on the "big reveal" of my living room. So what am I waiting for? Let's start this tour!

Here is my what I like to call my "simple" wall. I've got my crosses w/ a mirror on one side of my window and on the other side I have my favorite wall picture.

Here is my "fireplace" wall. On one side of the fireplace I have family photos. On the other side is my t.v. with some simple wall hangings. On my mantle I have a clock above the fireplace with all my homemade decorations w/ praying hands under the clock.

Here is another wall with some more wall decorations. A basket and candle for simple decor on my coffee table.

Here is my half wall and my entry way.

  Here is a better look at my entry way.

Now here are all my decorations.

 These are my '"bird" items in my living room theme.

 These are just different decorations through out my living room.

These are all my "wood" pieces.

There you have it, my living room! The good news is I finally got to share my living room with you all. The bad news is my living room has changed. Actually that is good news. I got my fall decor up and can't wait to share my new fall look with you all!

You can find all of my homemade living room decor in past post!

Thanks for taking the time to stop in!


  1. I love your door! I've never seen one like that!

  2. your home is so personal to you, love that. and that door! amazing! enjoy your space.

  3. Such a beautiful and personal room. I also love having crosses in my house and your collection is lovely.

  4. Your room looks lovely and I especially like the entry table and wall grouping above it.

  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments :)


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