DIY Decor

Everyone likes to add their own touch to their Home Decor..right? It's even better when it's DIY Decor! You get to make something exactly how you want it to look or in my case how I wish it could look, (I never make it as I had envisioned it). And you never have to worry about someone having the exact same home decor. Maybe you can find something that I have made that you can add your own personal touch and idea to. I love DIY Decor it allows you to be creative and really make your house 'your home'.

DIY Home Decor

Burlap Vases

DIY Decorated Glass Bottles

Wood + Drawer Handles = Decor

Glass Vases Turned To Decor

Old Frames Becomes Cute Decor

Painted Tin Cans For Wall D├ęcor

A Collage Made Out Of Postcards

DIY Canvas Photos Using Tissue Paper

DIY Wooden Cross With Scrap Paper

Wood Pallet Entryway Table






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