October 18, 2013

Mummy I'm Scared

Hi everyone! I have a lot of DIY fall décor to share with everyone, and since my time is about to run out on Fall decorations I thought I'd start off today with some Halloween décor. With Halloween fast approaching and me having to take a month break from blogging, I'm a little behind on sharing my Halloween/ fall décor.
I love Halloween and what it has become, not what it once was about. I love to see the kids dress up and have fun getting candy. I do however hate the dark side of Halloween....not a big fan of the scary stuff. I still think that Halloween décor can be fun without being scary. I like cute ghost, cute spiders, you get the idea right? All the décor that is cute for Halloween and not the 'gothic' side of Halloween.
So let's start with my Mummy table. My children love the cuteness that Halloween can be too. So here's some examples of cute vs. dark. Let's get started!
I was going to make my own spiders for this project but I seen these at the dollar tree and thought they would be perfect for this décor project. So this is a before shot of the spider. 

Here is the after shot of the spider. It is now a mummy spider. I created him with some leftover scrap fabric.

Here is my mummy vase. I created it by using a small vase wrapped in gauze. I then stuck some roses in it for some added décor.

Now this little guy was fun to make. This is was what the décor was centered around. I wanted to make this sign ~MUMMY I'M SCARED~ but I couldn't come up with the right thing to wrap with fabric. I tried stuffed animals, nothing was working to make me the perfect mummy. So I had to get creative and think outside the box. I decided to make my own mummy. To make this mummy I got some plastic grocery bags, (because you can shape them how you want them to be and they are squishy). I still wanted it to be like a stuffed animal. Once I got the plastic bags shaped how I wanted them to be I wrapped them with duck tape to keep its shape. After that I hot glued the scrap fabric around it, gave it a little bow, and put the sign in it's lap and the MUMMY was created. The kids absolutely love it and I think it turned out so perfect and cute.

I topped it off with some spider webs and here's the finished product of my MUMMY TABLE.  See you can do Halloween without scary!
How do you decorate for Halloween? SCARY, CUTE, or BOTH?


  1. super cute love the sign and everything else happy halloween

  2. Love the little mummy! How cute is that!?! Just stopping by to let you know I just did a post about the frame I made for your awesome burlap sign. Thanks again it was such a perfect gift! http://exploringdomesticity.blogspot.com/2013/10/torched-wood-frame.html

  3. That little mummy and his sign are adorable! Pinning this one to make next year!


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