August 26, 2013

Wood Pallet Entryway Table

There comes a time on the blog world where you have decorated your room, and shared all of the projects. Well the time is coming to an end where I have shared just about everything in my living room. It's a little sad that I only have a couple of more things to share but soon I will get to share my living room reveal! I'm pretty excited to share the final look with all of you! But for now I get to share another one of my DIY living room projects.
So the next DIY project on mind was an entryway table.
I don't have much of an entryway but enough to where it's in need of a little something.
When I bought my furniture for my living room this was suppose to be my entryway table.
The entertainment console that we had before, didn't look right for our new television. Well I thought it looked fine, but the hubby didn't (you know how they can get when it comes to their television).
So I had to give up my entryway table.
It actually is an entertainment console but since we already had one it was perfect for my entryway. So I thought. I'm happy that the television and this console were a perfect match because my entryway has a new table and it's absolutely perfect!
Who's ready for a DIY entryway table got it, a wood pallet!
How could I not want to use an old wooden pallet? It matches my living room theme so well! Lucky for me I didn't have to search high and low to find any either. My landlord has a million of these, I asked if I could have some, and he replied "sure take as many as you need!" 
The first thing I did was to saw off half of the pallet, so it looked like this. Can you see an entryway table??
I then got another wood pallet an used this long piece for the legs.
Now the best way to get the wood pieces off the top and bottom is to use a hack saw and saw the nails off. Those nails are in there and I found it easier to just saw the nails off. It left the nail in the wood but you can't really tell. So once I got off all those wood pieces off that long piece I would saw it in half. I need two of these long piece for four legs.
Here is the long piece cut in half. Can you picture the legs yet?
Now you have to use your imagination because I can't find the pictures to the rest of this project. I'm not sure what happened to them but they are gone.
I then placed the 'legs' under the wood as you can see.
I screwed a nail through the top and through each side to keep the legs sturdy.
You will need a power drill, this wood may be old but it is tough.
So this is how the 'legs' look on my table.
Here's a picture from the front.  Looks like an old table that was made a long time ago! Perfect!
Now if you know about pallets they are missing board pieces. See picture above.
I cut the wood pieces off of the other pallet and fit them to size. Some were a perfect fit and some needed some sanding. Instead of risking splitting the old wood and nailing the wood pieces in, I just used wood glue and it worked perfect.
I then colored the top the color of my living room theme. I made sure it had that weathered look to it. The older the look the better!
Here is my new entryway table! It looks great! This is all you get to see for now, but I will be showing you the decorated piece soon!
You know the best part about this was free! I already had the paint and the pallet was free. I could have bought legs but I really wanted to give it an old look. When I think back to old wooden furniture, it's not modern.  Making the legs from the wood pallet made it that more unique.

Oh and since my landlord gave me permission to use all the wood pallets I want, I will be! I have seen some cute things made from wood pallets and plan on giving them a try! You can't beat a DIY project that is free and looks great!


  1. Very nice table,Jodi!Well done!

  2. This is so so pretty! I love the colours and distressed paint finish! I would be so thrilled if you had the time to share it at our new mega-party Work it Wednesday if you haven't already. Each link will be shown on 4 blogs! Work it Wednesday

    - Krista @ the happy housie

    1. Thank you for the invite! I'm very excited to add you to my Link Parties!

  3. Great Idea. Love the paint finish!

  4. Nice...and I love the colors. Great job.

  5. Great JOB!!!! I like the colors! I have made some like this!!!

    Shelly @MinettesMaze

    1. I love your pallet projects! Those are pretty awesome. What do you use them for? Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Looks like such a fun piece to greet you at the door.

    1. Thank you...I have to agree with is a nice piece to greet me!

  7. How cute! I'd love for you to link it up on my blog for my DIY Weekend link party.

  8. How fun! I love using pallets to decorate with! We just made a planter out of pallet wood. Its free wood and oh so cute!

    I would love for you to share this post (and any others!) at my Life of the Party link up. It just opened! Im going to poke around your site a little more.

  9. Love the pallets! Thanks for stopping by DIY Vintage Chic’s Friday’s Five Features and Fun Festivities. Don’t forget to stop back by this Friday!


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