December 27, 2013

Christmas Decoration Tour

Wow, I can't believe it's already the end of 2013. When I started this blog I had high hopes for it. I really wanted to put a lot of effort towards it and share so much with all of you. Well as you can see the last time I made a post was the beginning of November. Things have really changed for me. When I started, my youngest started kindergarten and I was a stay at home Mom leaving me with a lot of free time. So I decided that I would blog to keep me busy while the kids were at school. Then I made a sudden decision to start college. With that being said I haven't had a whole lot of time for anything. My once spotless house is lucky if it gets vacuumed once a week lol. It's been good for me though, my "OCD" has now turned into "I hope I can pick up the house before the day ends." I now realize how much time I spent on cleaning the house vs precious time. It really has been and eye opener for me, and a good one. So when I do get time I spend every moment with my kids and if I get lucky, sneak in some cleaning time. College break started for me December 13th and I have taken full advantage of catching up on some things.

Anyways my last post I promised a tour of my Fall decor, well that never happened. Maybe I can sneak that in while I'm on break (better late than never, maybe or maybe not). Because I have been so busy I have a lot to share, but before I get to that I wanted to put this post up Christmas decor. Although I kept it simple, I thought it turned out nice.

 Here is the top half of my fireplace mantle. My favorite Christmas decorating colors is red and gold with white lights. I added some greenery to it and here is a simple yet decorated mantle.

 Here is the middle of the fireplace. I have a Merry Christmas sign, 2 decor trees, 2 glasses filled with ornaments & a touch of sparkle decor, and a vase filled with pine cones w/ a bow for added touch. 

 On the top of the mantle I made this lovely overhang decor piece.

 In the middle I have this decor glass filled with sparkle decor.

 Here's an individual picture of the pine cone filled vase, with a bow.

An individual picture of a simple glass with ornaments and a touch of sparkle decor.

 This piece is displayed on each side of my mantle.

 Here's a red glass filled with greenery decoration flowers.

 Another simple glass decor filled with ornaments and sparkle decor for an added touch.

 A glass turned upside down with ornaments used as a candle holder.

 A glass filled with decor rocks and a pine cone for a simple touch.

 In the background I have a simple lighted garland with added decor.

 Here's an up close shot of the added decor to the garland. This lighted garland is also in the front of my mantle for an added touch.

 On front of the mantle on each side I have these bells with a bow above it.

 Here is the bottom half of my fireplace.

 I have these cute little wooden decorations on once side of my fireplace. I didn't really like where they where, but I never got around to finding a better place for them.

 On the other side of the fireplace I have a simple display with some candles for added decor.

 My daughter insisted that we buy all the Christmas Village Displays at the dollar store. Then she seen the bigger displays at a store, I have a feeling that next year we will be upgrading to more than just dollar store village displays.

 Many years ago my Mom got me this little Nativity set, I usually have it on a certain display stand but was to lazy to get it out this year, so this was it's new home, but I didn't like it.

 Here's our decorated Christmas tree. I am in desperate need to buy a new Christmas tree. I've had this tree for 10+ years, again I found myself to lazy to get a new one. 

 Here is a simple garland wreath with lights I made and put a bow that matches my tree skirt on it.

 This is a German Nativity Pyramid. My Father~in~law was stationed in Germany when my husband was little. I had seen one my Mother~in~law had and just loved it, so she got me one! I love it.

 Here's a closer look at it. I display it on my coffee table with some candle holders on each side for added decor. The German Nativity Pyramid is also a candle holder (but I couldn't find candles to fit), but you light the candles and it spins.

 I filled my crate with a Nativity set that my kids painted last year. I didn't really have a home for my snowman and Christmas tree so I put it on top. Hopefully next year I can put a little more thought into my decor.

 This is my entryway table. The decor consist of my nutcrackers, homemade Christmas trees, Gingerbread houses that we all made as a family, and candy cane decor.

 Here's a side view of the display... I also have large Christmas boxes for decor.

 We have a bunch of pecan trees, so putting them next to the Nutcrackers was an easy decision. Beside the Nutcrackers I have homemade Christmas trees for an added touch of decor.

 Here are the homemade Christmas trees we made as a family.

 Here are our many Gingerbread houses we made as a family night. It was fun and of course was a nice touch to my entryway table.

 Last my candy cane display. In one vase I have a candle in the middle surrounded by candy canes making it a candle holder as well as a candy cane display. Beside it I have a jar full of peppermints and a simple candle holder.

Thanks for stopping in even if it's a little late. I didn't do as much decorating as I would have liked this year but I was still able to keep it simple but still enhancing the room with a Christmas look. I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas.

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