July 26, 2013

DIY Decor Made With Tile

I am happy to say that I have finally completed decorating my living room....at least for now. I had to put it on hold for a while because something just wasn't right (don't you just hate that). So I took a break to come up with a new plan. It finally came to me and finally I finished my living room!
So today I will share with you one of the finishing touches.
In my past blog post I rambled and rambled, even I was got sick of me :) So I'll get right to the point and make it short and simple! Enjoy!
So here is a little something I threw together to place above the entryway between the living room and dining room. It was super simple and gave it just the right touch!
I bought some tile....nothing fancy.
I then traced the letters where I wanted them to be to get an idea how it would look. You can kind of see where I traced on the middle tile, but look close.
I painted the tiles with the color scheme of my living room.....blue, red, and green.
 I then put the stencil down where I had traced earlier.

I then blotted some paint onto the tile.
I then made 4 pinwheels and hot glued them to the tile.
I put a button in the middle for a little added touch.

And here it is.....
Simple, cheep, and didn't take long to make.
It fills the empty wall...although my Hubby did make the comment that I'm 'décor happy'.
Not true...I just don't like undecorated walls. O.k. maybe I do have a lot of decor but it's my house it's exactly how I want it and I love it! Right?
Anyways it adds a little flavor to the wall and when I get a chance I'll hand some flowers beside the tile pieces.
Simple can go a long way especially when you made it with love. It's unique and you won't find it anywhere else!
P.S. Men need to know that us Woman love our decor as much as Men love their sports!

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