April 19, 2013

Whipped Up Fruit

With summer fast approaching (although this Roswell, N.M. weather has been all over the place), I am so excited for the BBQs! So hopefully the wind will die down and the warm weather will stay. I have heard several old young people who said they have lived their whole lives here and have never seen this much wind in Roswell! One reason I actually enjoy Roswell is because there is not a whole lot of wind. I moved away from Clovis. N.M. for a couple of reasons but one reason happens to be the horrible winds. So enough of my chit chat.  So anyways as I was saying...who doesn't love friends and family gatherings? One of my favorite things about summer is the fruits :) Strawberries happens to be one of the favorites in the Secret household. So today I am going to share with you a family favorite to take to a BBQ!

So since I have no idea what to call this I'm going to call it 'whipped up fruit'. You can whip it up in minutes and it's made with whip cream (I call it whip cream but the 'right name' is whipped topping. Yum. You will need:
• 2 - 8 oz tubs of whip cream (whipped topping)
• 4 -6 yoplait yogurts
• 1 - 1 oz package of cheesecake pudding
• strawberries (I use about 20 of them)
• bananas (I use about 4 of them)

So lets get started ! Let your whip cream thaw just enough so you can stir it. Put in your yogurt and pudding. I like to let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge but you can actually whip this up and go right out the door with it. I just like it really cold, it just seems right for hot weather. While you are letting the mixture sit in the fridge I like to put the bananas in the fridge so they are nice and cold when I put them in the mixture. After you have let it sit in the fridge for your choice of time and you are ready to walk out the door and head over to your BBQ add the strawberries and bananas!
Last minute note: I like to use strawberry flavored yogurt but you can use any kind. Same goes for the instant pudding...I like the cheesecake. You can also change the fruit. Say you want to use raspberry yogurt with raspberries. Or mix and match...blueberry and raspberry yogurt with fresh blueberries and raspberries. You get the idea right? Any type of yogurt with any type of fruit? Whatever hits the spot! It's good any way and the best thing about it is you can make it just about any flavor you want and change it up every time you make it! Also you can half this recipe but still use the full packet of pudding. Hope you enjoy.
This is a recipe you will keep forever. I love to whip this up at any given second because it's so easy and taste so good. The kids love it and I don't feel real guilty that the kids are eating way to much sweets because it has fruit in it! Welcome to my way of thinking, it has fresh fruit in it...it's good for you! Well leave me some feed back if you give it a try. I'd really like to hear if you have tried any of my blog post and your opinion. I don't have any followers yet on my blog and hope to get some soon, so if you are reading this and have been following my blog, I'd really like to have you join my blog. I promise you won't be sorry!

Click here for printable version of this recipe

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