March 23, 2013

Burlap Vases

For my first real blog post, I wanted to share a crafting project. So I decided on something I crafted up for my living room. Just recently we moved to a bigger house. It so happened that I was ready to get new furniture. I decided a long time ago that I would not invest in new furniture until all the kids were in school. Guess what my little one finally left the nest but I still hesitated to get new furniture because I knew that we would be moving at some point this year, for we were in desperate need for more space. Well the timing was perfect when my husband stumbled upon this house. Not only did we need more space but I wanted new furniture (a bonus). In our other house the only decor I could fit into such a small living room area were toys.

 I couldn't decide if I wanted a modern look or something else. I decided that the modern look wasn't for me. I feel having the modern look don't really allow you to add your own personal touches. I decided to go with a more country feel since I had grown up in the country.
 Now that I babbled on I will share with you the vases I made for my living room. I will try to explain as much as I can. I didn't plan on having a blog so I didn't note it step by step. So I will explain as best as I can.

 I bought these cheap vases at one of the dollars stores (I'm not sure which one). They were cheap and looked cheap and really needed some personal touches. Plus they didn't have the color scheme I wanted.

Now this is where explaining a step by step process is going to be a little difficult because I can't show you step by step instructions or show you the materials I used. But I will try to the best of my knowledge, so bare with me.
The wrap around is called burlap wired edge ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby. It doesn't come cheap but it was reasonable when I got it for 50% off. I found it in a tan and brown, just the color scheme I was going for (it matched my furniture).
Now that I had found what I was going to cover the vase with I needed some trim. I didn't have a plan on what I was going to use until I stumbled across this trim in the fabric section of Hobby Lobby. I  also picked it up for 50% off (as you can see in the picture there are 2 different trims). It had the other colors I was going for, a light blue color, a darker green color, and a red color. I knew it would be perfect!
So I got home turned on my hot glue gun and started wrapping with the burlap. I then wrapped the top and bottom of the vase with the decor cord. Some little flowers in the front of the vase for some added touches and a floral arrangement to fill it.

I now have my own unique vases that add a nice touch to what used to be an empty decorated fireplace. I know the pictures are horrible but what do you think, does it add the right flavor to a fire place?

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