July 20, 2013

A Collage Made Out Of Postcards

Sometimes teenagers can be quite a bit to handle but you still love them to death. Well mine is no different than a typical teenage girl. One moment they love us and the next we are the worst Mommies ever because we want the best for them. I never knew that getting no sleep when you have a baby is only to prepare you for when you have a teen. With that being said...Jaden can be the sweetest daughter anyone could ask for. With all stress and punishment that comes along with being a teen it only seems fair to remember to reward them for their good behavior.

P.S. Just skip to the bottom of you are sick of my chit chat! I know I can talk lol!
(Ballet, thought I'd throw that in)
When we moved into our new place my first thought was to give Jaden her dream room. It was her first bedroom that she really had all to herself. I had a hard time coming up with a theme because this was going to be the bedroom she had to live with for the rest of her high school years with us. To top that off 15 year old girls are so picky! Well Jaden's dream is to go to New York, she has fantasized about this since forever. I'm not sure what sparked that interest but she loves NY. With that I decided that was the perfect theme. I knew that the NY theme would never get old since I'm pretty sure that her first chance to go to NY she will. It also made sense because she loves ballet and plays the piano a bit, can you say BROADWAY?
I planned on getting started with her room the beginning of summer so when she returned she would be surprised, but nothing goes as planned...at least for me anyways. She returns in one week and I just now started on her room.
When I started planning her room I had to decide my budget. There were 2 main things that I was willing to pay a little bit more on but that took up a lot of my budget so I had to be creative and use the rest of the money wisely. Let's start creative plan #1.
Jaden had a full length body mirror that she had broke (7 years of bad luck for her), lucky for her I had a plan for that frame that will hopefully bring her luck back.
 I decided to look online for some vintage postcards of New York City. Google search popped up millions. So many I couldn't choose from. I finally just gave up and printed some up on card stock and prayed I picked some postcards she will enjoy in her room. I printed them up 4x6. Here are some I printed but didn't get to use.
Project #1 is underway! I carefully took apart the mirror with shattered glass. As you can see.
I then had to figure out what I was going to lay the pictures on. After taking some measurements I realized that four sheets of 12x12 card stock fit perfectly. How lucky was that!
Once that was done I wanted to spray paint the frame red, it was pink as you can see. Lucky for you I didn't get an after shot. I wish I had spray painted it in a brighter red, but for this moment it will work until I make it to the store. Oh and that is not my carpet...it's the ugly carpet in my garage.
As that was drying I then carefully lined the pictures up how I wanted them to fit in the frame. This was the hardest part to get all the pictures to fit perfectly. I had to leave some out to make them fit and cover up portions of pictures. Plus I kept rearranging them until I felt it was perfect. This took hours, then when I felt I had it just right, I realized that I was putting the pictures in horizontally. What in the world was I thinking. The frame was going to be hanging vertical not horizontal. I just had to laugh that one off and keep going.
I then took some modge podge and carefully glued the postcards down. Now remember if you have pictures that are overlapping you want to carefully plan out how you are going to glue them down. As I glued them down I took a credit card and smoothed the picture down. Although I love modge podge, when working with paper it bubbles. - I didn't take pictures of this part sorry.-
Now that I had the pictures all glued down and dried, I wanted to give them that glossy look. I put modge podge over the pictures. Here's a tip...it will bubble so make sure you use that credit card to smooth it down, but it will pick up the glue too. That is perfect, another thing about working with modge podge on pictures/paper it leaves the brush strokes and by using a credit card it smooths out those strokes. -Again sorry no pictures.-
I then let it dry over night. Another tip that I used was I put wax paper over it and laid heavy books over the top to insure that the pictures didn't bubble. -Once again no pictures. I really am bad at this.-

The next morning it was ready to be put in the frame. I used a hot glue gun to glue it down to the frame, but because it didn't have a hard back it was flimsy. So I got some thin board and put them in sections across the back of it. It worked perfect.
 Now I need to get rid of that hideous light switch frame and if only I could get rid of that fan switch, but you work with what you got right?
 The top half
 The middle
The bottom
Here's the collage of New York City's postcards! And because I already had everything it cost me nothing! Great looking decor that my daughter will love and looks like I bought it...can't get much better than that! Sorry for the poor quality shots. Because of the gloss on the pictures I had to take them at a certain angle to keep the glare away.

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