May 15, 2013

Spray Painted Glass For Decor

 My 'fireplace series' is finally coming to an end and then I can finally post pictures of my finished decorated fireplace! But before I do that I must talk about the last DIY project from my fireplace. I am going to show you a simple way to turn glass into colorful decoration!
I picked up 4 items from the dollar store. Two jars with lids and two candle stick holders. I bought some spray paint and went right to work.
I simply sprayed the items with spray paint and put them next to the other items on my fireplace and it adds a nice touch of color. It was a perfect way to add some more decor to my fireplace and it was simple. Sorry so brief but I didn't take step~by~step pictures with these.
So what do you think? Does spray painting glass make a difference? Does it add a nice touch for decor?  I think it does but there is only one problem I have with spray paint and that is the fact that you can't find an exact match for the colors you are going for. But I'm still happy with the finished outcome even if it's not perfect, but hey who is?
I know the brown candles are hideous...I do plan on changing those soon! Stay tuned for the finished look on my fireplace (coming soon)!

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