May 23, 2013

Old Frame Becomes Cute Decor

 Alright let's talk children's decor today! When it comes to decorating a child's room, let's just say children are easy to please, well mine is anyways. We are going to talk about a simple way to put some decor on your child's bedroom wall that they will enjoy!
(sorry for the poor lighting)
When we moved I had packed up some old picture frames that had broken glass. I couldn't find it in me to throw them away so I packed them up and brought them with us.
Last year we had bought Cameron a 'C' to put on her wall. At the time it was cute but as I went to go hang it up in her new room it was just so plain. I had seen plenty of pictures where there were letters in a frame. So a light bulb went off in my head..... use the picture frames. I was excited because they were just sitting in my office ready to be tossed because I was sick of them laying around.
So let's get started on a simple decor project that is simple and easy.

I still had the back to the picture frame so I simply laid some scrapbook paper over it and glued it to the cardboard.

As you can see I had to cut the paper a little different to make it fit right. In the picture below instead of having uneven paper I put ribbon on the top and bottom instead.
Here's what the back looks like.

I spray painted the frame and added a couple of flowers I had laying around.

I then added the 'C' and now here's a decoration that cost me nothing because I already had everything.

Cameron's best friend had a birthday so I made her one too!
She had seen Cameron's and loved it so it was perfect.
I already had everything except the 'K' so I bought one, spray painted it and put it together the same way. I liked how this one turned out much better with the ribbon!

Here's another look of it hanging on the wall

So simple and both the girls loved it. I do plan on changing up Cameron's (the first one) because I don't like the paper nor the flowers but it was what I had laying around. Plus I was just so excited to remove the frames that were in my way. 

As you can tell with the second one I put a little more decoration on it and I really like how it turned out. Do you like it? It's just a simple fun way to add a little touch to your child's room that they will enjoy.

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  1. This is a great idea! My girls would love it, and you are right, they are SO easy to please. :) I saw this on the Blissful and Domestic party. I posted a couple of things too and would love for you to stop by my site if you have time.
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