May 13, 2013

Baby Shower and Mother's Day

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, and I haven't. With some things going on I haven't even had time to sit and think. Today (Mother's Day) was the first day I got to sit and relax and not think about anything, in about 4 weeks. I posted back in April some pictures of a fundraiser project we were doing for our youth, that took about 2 weeks to make the wall hangings and then put together the actual fundraiser.
Well right after that I had to jump right to the next project and that was to plan a baby shower! That also took about 2 weeks. So fundraiser, baby shower, youth, children's church, and my own
 children = exhausted. But it was all worth it. We raised money for church camp and I got to see a smile on the soon~to~be parents! When I set the date for the baby shower I didn't realize it was the day before Mother's Day so it was 2 in 1 package for the soon to be Mommy! Baby Shower and Mommy's Day! Although the shower was almost cancelled due to Mommy~to~be having to go to the ER it ended up being a wonderful time anyways and I was just thankful that everything turned out good for her at the hospital.
Here's an overview of the baby shower. I had planned on taking more pictures to share as I went along but I was so tired I just plain forgot. So when I had everything set up I snapped a few pictures.

I looked online for some ideas for a diaper cake. This wasn't my first time making a diaper cake so when I came across this little tricycle I knew I had to make it. So I looked up a bunch of different sites that had this cake on there and came up with this! I loved it and so did everyone else. I hope that one day I can show all of you how I made it!

 Here's the cake I made. It was a white cake, with raspberry in between the layers, and a lemon butter cream frosting! My new favorite cake combination. Lemon butter cream is one of my favorite icings and I love raspberry filling so I decided to put the two together and it was a big hit (at least for me anyways and the comments I got led me to believe that everyone else enjoyed it also). Some fondant baby feet and strawberries for added decoration.

 Chocolate covered strawberries and filled strawberries is a must have! I don't know about you but strawberries and chocolate are one of my favorites and for a pregnant lady it's 10 times better.

Here's a fruit baby carrier I made but forgot the orange slices for the wheels, (I added them after I took the picture so I don't have a picture of the finished product). Fruit dip add a wonderful touch for the fruit.

There were also many other different appetizers and everyone enjoyed it so I was happy that with such little time I had to spend on this shower I was able to pull it off. Next time though I will make sure that I have plenty of time to put it together without stressing!

 The proud soon~to~be parents!

A wonderful baby shower for a wonderful couple and it was a bonus Mother's Day gift too!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mother's Day is a special day that honors all the hard work we put into our children knowing it is all worth it! So thank you to all the wonderful children that make our lives so blessed!  

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