April 11, 2013

Wood + Drawer Handles = Decor

Who's ready for another DIY Decor? I am currently sharing with you my decor that I made for my fireplace. When trying to think how I wanted to decorate my fireplace, I came to a road block. I just couldn't figure it out. I didn't want pictures on it because I have plenty of family pics on my walls. So I wanted to focus on some DIY Decor. It would be unique and nobody would have the same thing. So I focused on my main project and how I wanted it to stand out.

I had already picked a 'theme' for my living room and I was going for a country vibe feel. Back to my roots! I got the idea from a wooden barn bird house my Uncle made for my Mom before she passed away of cancer. I had it in my living room and it meant a lot to me because not only had it belonged to my Mom but it was made out of the wood from the house my Grandad grew up in and my Mom did too for a portion of her life. My brothers, sister, and I played in it growing up. I miss the family farm that I grew up on, my Mom grew up on, and my Grandad grew up on. So it wasn't a hard decision to decorate my living room in an 'old country, wooden theme'.

One day while in my back yard I seen a old wooden picket fence door. I decided I wanted to use it for the fireplace. I wasn't sure how until I went to Hobby Lobby. That's where most of my ideas pop into my head. I'll come across something and it just works perfectly for an idea I couldn't come up with. So here I was in Hobby Lobby picking up a baseball light switch cover for my son. He had this hideous light switch cover that my husband made me switch out immediately when we moved in. Anyways beside the light switch covers they had drawer handles. Then it hit me...put different types of drawer handles on the wood and make it like a frame! It so happened that I came to Hobby Lobby on the right day because the handles were 50% off! 

So I get home and get right to work...of course after I switched the light switch cover. I decided I wanted to get 3 wood pieces together and make it look like a frame. So I cut the pieces to the size I wanted them and glued them together with some wood glue. I let it sit over night. I then painted it 3 of the 5 colors of my living room...green, blue, and red.

As you can see there are 2 of them, one for each side of my mantle. I had some left over trim and burlap from the burlap vases I had made. So I used the trim for one frame and burlap for the other. I had 3 small frames that I wanted to refurbish/paint them and put on the wood and place some knobs inside them. I also had a 4 x 6 frame that I wanted to use for the other. I laid out how I wanted my frame to look. I then got to work and drilled some holes for the knobs to go into.

 I added some little frames, small tile pieces, buttons, and flowers for added decoration. I bought a couple of stands to hold them up and now I have a couple of unique pieces for my fire place!

So here's an idea of what it looks like on my fireplace. Before I show you a completed picture of my fireplace, I still have some projects I want to share. So for now you will have to use your imagination and guess how it looks on my fireplace. I really love how different it is from most decorations and it adds a great touch to my fireplace. Although sometimes I wonder if it's a little too busy. Should I have toned it down and not have added as many pieces? So what do you think? Does it look good or should I have toned it down?

Oh yes and in case you were wondering about my little mans light cover here is some before and after shots.

Wasn't that just awful and outdated. As you can see from that picture an older lady lived in our home before us. So if you ever see some hideous pictures of our home you now know why.

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