April 24, 2013

Fundraising For Youth Camp

Just recently my husband became a Youth Pastor! We are super excited! My husband has been hard at work...he's been working on his Masters Degree in Religion, keeping our business going, serving God, being a wonder father and husband, and I could go on forever. So seeing the finish line means less stress. It's slowly starting to sink in that something that we have been waiting for will be here in just a few short months. So when my husband got the opportunity to serve at a church as a youth pastor he immediately stepped up to serve as God called him to do. We love our new church and we are already busy busy busy with the youth and children. In a couple of months we will be taking them to church camp! We decided that we wanted to do a fundraiser to help out. With our business in the mall it makes it easy to set up some things for a fundraiser event. What a perfect opportunity. So we jumped right on top of that and are taking full advantage of our business to help raise money for our youth. I couldn't wait to get started and can't wait to set up my projects I have been working on. So here's a sneak peak of my projects to help our youth go to camp! It feels great to be able to put forth something that could help a child that may not have had the opportunity to go :) We are so blessed to be serving our Lord and what a wonderful Lord we serve!


I will be posting more soon and hopefully if I can find the time soon I will give steps~by~step instructions to make your own homemade signs. Have a blessed day :)
If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his
cross daily and follow me.   - Luke 9:23

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